Penguin Party - Online Addition Game

A pack of peckish penguins are popping by for a piece of your provisions!

The penguins will pop out through holes in the Antarctic ice and you can feed them with a piece of fish. But make sure you feed the right penguin! Each penguin has a number on their chests which is the answer to a math puzzle. Click on the one with the right number to watch your score grow. Click on the wrong one and that score will tumble!

You can choose which number you wish to test your skills with, and also whether you are playing the normal or super modes. The normal mode has a number of penguins on screen all at once and you just need to make sure you pick the right one. The super mode sees you having to act fast and click on the penguin before they disappear back under the ice again! This range of difficulty means this interactive activity is useful for kids aged from kindergarten through to third grade.

Feed enough happy penguins before the timer runs out and you may just find yourself on the high score table. Now that would make you super cool!
Game Specifications
Number Range:Up to 20 Action Speed:User Defined Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Easy User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:K-2 Approx. Duration:2 Minutes Overal Quality:Medium