Mystery Picture (Order of Operations Game)
Test out your knowledge of order of operations and see if you can reveal the mystery picture in this puzzle game.

Orders of operation tell you in which order tasks need to be carried out to solve a puzzle. This activity tests you on multiplication, addition and subtraction – so it should be multiplication first, then addition or subtraction. So 8-2x2+1 would become 8-4+1=5.

Here you match questions to answers in a grid, and the correct answers are removed to reveal more and more of the picture beneath.

This is a good exercise for kids in grades 4 and 5 as they start to learn about orders of operation – and as they see if they can reveal as many pictures as possible!
Game Specifications
Operations Practiced:+, -, X Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Adobe Shockwave Difficulty:Medium User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:K-4, K-5 Approx. Duration:5-10 minutes Overal Quality:High