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Telling Time Games

Telling Time With Words and Digits Game

IT’S full steam ahead to learn how to tell the time!

To the sound of a ticking clock and the sight of whirring gears, this online activity challenges you to read a clock face and pick the right time from three possible answers.

The answers will sometimes be in numbers, and sometimes in words – and even sometimes ask you to get the right number of seconds. A handy test for kids in first to third grades, a right answer will allow you to click on to the next question, while an incorrect answer will give you a chance to try again.

Once you get all the questions correct, a steam whistle will sound to congratulate you!
Game Specifications
Number Range:1 Minute Intervals Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Adobe Shockwave Difficulty:Medium-High User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:K-3, K-4 Approx. Duration:4 Minutes Overal Quality:High