Puppy Letters - An Interactive Spelling Game

By: www.pbskids.org
Clifford the big red dog will be your guide as you play this enjoyable game!

As it is intended for kindergarteners and first-graders, it focuses solely on spelling and no typing is involved.

Pick from one of two difficulty levels, easy and hard, and the narrator will help you through a variety of sentences. She will read each sentence to you, and you’ll be expected to fill in the letters for a single word in each sentence that has been grayed. Just drag and drop the letters from the alphabet beneath!

Each sentence also provides pictures for ease of comprehension.
Game Specifications
Word lengths:3 and 4 letter words. Action Speed:Slow Special Education Compatibility:High
Technology:Flash Difficulty:Easy User Controls:Mouse
For Grades:Grade 1 and Kindergarten Approx. Duration:10 Minutes Overal Quality:High