Simple examples using Excel's filtering

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

The accompanying video shows you how to play around with filtering options, and demonstrates how straightforward they are, but at the same time how effective they can be.

Using a worksheet with a list of students as shown on the right, you will see how to use filter to:

  1. Show only the 2nd grade students.
  2. Show only the students from grade 3 who have a math score higher than 80.
  3. Show the two best English students.
  4. Show all the students with a first name starting with the letter A.
  5. Show the 5 worst students in math.
  6. Show the students who have both in math and in English a score higher than 80.

As you see, no matter if you are looking for the top performers, certain names, or entries above, below, or inbetween a distinct threshold, or even a combination of any of those, the filter function is the way to go about your task.