First Steps with Pivot Tables

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

The video above gives you the first steps into using pivot tables. As shown, you can easily drag and drop entries to achieve basic results.

Listing cities of origin or ethnic groups is a simple task that requires only one drag and drop, but with a few quick steps you can get for example the average age of each city’s representatives or of each ethnic group.

The fact that you can combine a series of fields one after the other, multiples the options you have at the end. Pick any field you want or a couple and then a math function to do calculations for you selection, Excel automatically does the totals for you.

If you are a business person there is no need to create custom tables to evaluate performance or sales. If you are a professor, your students’ grades can be easily compiled as well. If you are amazed by pivot tables so far, wait until we get to the advanced features!