Intersecting More than one field in a Pivot Table

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

Here is where the true power of pivot tables is revealed. Let's see what's it all about:

Let's take examine for example the Gender field:
Male average height - 67.9
Female average height 60.7
So the conclusion is that the male average height is roughly 7 inches higher than the female's.

But now we can raise the following question: Is it like this all across the country, or when you check the difference of gender height within every city you can reveal a new interesting picture?

Let's see. If we intersect the "Gender" height with "Origin", we will reveal the difference of average height within every city.

As you could see in the video, doing so will show that the average difference in New York is 10 inches, while in Dallas is less than 4.

Thus, by intersecting more than one field you get a fuller, deeper analysis of your data, and you can reveal interesting interactions between your table's variables.