Renaming a Worksheet

You can download here an empty worksheet to practice it by yourself.

Should you rename the worksheet?

If you are using only one worksheet (usually named "Sheet1"), then no, there is no need to rename it, just make sure you save the file with a meaningful name, that's enough.

But the moment you choose another worksheet in the file to work on (whether "Sheet2" or "Sheet3"), go back and rename the first one.

Yes I know, at the current moment you know exactly what is stored where, but two days from now - you won't, and you'll find yourself clicking their tabs trying to figure out every worksheet and its meaning.

How do you rename a worksheet?

That's actually the easy part - just double click the tab, type a meaningful name, and hit the "Enter" key.
The harder part is to think of the meaningful name (yes, this part actually demands you… to think!)