Math Patterns - Line Dry Game


It’s laundry day and you have so many shirts to dry that you need to keep clearing the line as quickly as you can!

However, you need to be able to make sure the shirts are in the right order before they come off the line.

Each shirt has a number on it – except for one. You need to work out the pattern of the other numbers on the line and type in what the number should be on the missing shirt.

For example, if the shirts read 123, 124 then a blank, then 126, 127, the missing number is 125. Type it in and whoosh, off the shirts go into the laundry basket. Type in the wrong number and oh no, the dog will grab the shirt and run away!

Once you fill the laundry basket, you will move up to a new level with trickier patterns to recognize – and perhaps more than one shirt with a missing number. This is a fun challenge for kids in third and fourth grade.

See how many levels you can clear!

Game Specifications:
  • Number Range:Up to 999
  • Action Speed: Slow
  • Special Education Compatibility: High
  • Technology: Flash
  • Difficulty: Starts Easy
  • User Controls: Mouse & Keyboard
  • For Grades: K-3, K-4, K-5
  • Approx. Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: High