Skip Counting By 2's - Fish Game


Fish are swimming past two at a time – and challenging you to count two at a time too!

Each fish swimming by has a number on it, and it’s up to you to click on the fish with the number two higher than the one at the top of the screen, which starts at two and gets higher the more you get right.

A good way to introduce children in first grade to counting in steps, this also tests a kid’s ability to click on the fast-moving fish on screen.

The game comes to an end when you reach 20, when you will be rewarded with a big smiley face saying well done! See how quick you can be, and catch the right fish!

Game Specifications:
  • Skip Counting Interval:By Twos
  • Action Speed: Medium
  • Special Education Compatibility: Medium
  • Technology: Flash
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • User Controls: Mouse
  • For Grades: K-1, K-2
  • Approx. Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: Medium