Ballon Invaders


Spaceman Trevor needs your help!

On a distant planet, a swarm of balloons are descending as part of an invasion – and Trevor needs to pop the right balloons to fight them off.

Before the game starts, it asks you to choose if you are testing addition or subtraction, and which number you want to practice – from 2 to 12.

The range of skills being tested makes this suitable for kids in first through third grades. When the game gets under way, you are set questions and have to pop the balloon with the right answer by moving Trevor into position and opening fire. Getting your aim right means this is a good test of hand-eye co-ordination, too.

If you hit the wrong balloon, though, the invasion fleet speeds up its descent. If it reaches Trevor, the invaders win! So be careful with your aim, and see off those alien invaders!

Game Specifications:
  • Number Range: Subtracting Facts 2-12
  • Action Speed: Fast
  • Special Education Compatibility: Low
  • Technology: Flash
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • User Controls: Mouse & Keyboard
  • For Grades: K-1, K-2
  • Approx. Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: Medium