Moving text by dragging it with the mouse

Using drag-and-drop to move pieces ot texts around the document

You can move text solely with the mouse if you wish, instead of memorizing keyboard shortcuts or using contextual menus. Just highlight your text and drag it around wherever you like with the mouse, including onto different paragraphs or pages.

This will also remove the text from its original location, similar to cutting and pasting - it won’t store an original copy, which removes a step that you otherwise would have done.

Keep in mind that the moved text will maintain its original formatting, so if you drag it into an area with a different font, you may need to change it to match.

The drag and drop method ideal for quickly moving around blocks of text when you are editing or revising your previously written material. If you make a mistake, don’t forget that you have the Undo feature to protect yourself. That being said, be sure to save often as well.