Cancelling (undoing) your last actions

Canceling and undoing your last actions in Word

Word keeps track of every action you make, which makes it very easy to undo modifications if you need to.

By using either the Edit dropdown menu, the Undo button in the toolbar, or the CTRL+Z keyboard shortcut, Word will undo the last action you took. This can be any action that modified the text or formatting in any way, from changing font size to indentation to deletion.

Word has a pretty long memory so you can hit Undo repeatedly and it will continually undo each change you made in the reverse order you made it in.

This is a great setting for when you want to experiment with the formatting of a page, such as font size, color, or layout, but you don’t remember the setting you previously had. Simply hit Undo and you can go back in time to your earlier edits!