Centering the text
(setting horizontal alignment)

You can download here the document from this video to practice it by yourself!

Setting text alignment

The alignment changes how your writing is arranged across each line of text - important for when an article needs to be formatted to make the page easier to read, make space for pictures, or for word economy in general.

Most Western writing is done with standard left alignment, which is perfectly acceptable for most pieces. However, adding certain elements to a page, like tables or media, may necessitate other styles of alignment.

A justified alignment will spread words across the page evenly, no matter how many words are in each line. This is best for situations where you have a very small area for text, such as in columns or alongside pictures. Centered alignment is best used for titles and headings.

Finally, right alignments are appropriate for unusual formatting environments, such as when the left side of the page is taken up by a sidebar or tall picture.