Formatting summary -
A wedding invitation example

You can download here the document from this video to practice it by yourself!

Formatting Summary

Shown here is a wedding invitation, a great example of multiple formatting concepts in one small package.

As you can see, the text is quite formal, and some of it even uses a cursive font to maximize its glamour and give it an old-fashioned feel.

The names of the couple have been changed to red to highlight their importance and symbolize passion.

The document uses a justified formatting to even out all the lines and make them somewhat symmetrical - otherwise, the words may be uneven on each line, which is not ideal for a document like this.

The address has been italicized to make it distinct from the rest of the text and show guests exactly where the address portion begins and ends.

The very last line mentions fun social activities and is put in both a different font and color to highlight its appeal to readers and give it a festive vibe.