Correcting the spaces between lines, setting the default back to Word 2003

Setting the default line spacing and paragraphs back to Word 2003

Learn how to set the paragraph spacing as it was in the 2003 Word version

If you use a newer version of Microsoft Word, such as 2007, but are accustomed to the 2003 version, you may notice some significant changes with the text formatting.

For instance, 2007 will add in more space when you create new paragraphs, as well as slightly increasing the space between each line. These changes were no doubt implemented after receiving heavy feedback from users and are intended to make reading Word documents easier, but ultimately the power is yours as to which version to use in your writing.

Newer versions of Word will permit you to roll back the formatting changes and even make them your default, which will then apply to each time you use the program and you won’t need to manually set it anymore.