Setting the space between the lines

Learn how to set the line spacing between paragraphs

Line spacing refers to the amount of white space in between each line of your text. The less of it there is, the closer your text lines are to one another.

Double-spacing is a common practice in many forms of writing, especially academic, business, or technical papers.

Sometimes you will need to change the spacing. Widening it makes it easier to read, but increasing it to more than 2 will take up a lot of space on the page. Shortening it to less than 2 will give you more room on each page, but will make it increasingly difficult to read as the lines are squished together.

Some reasons for making it larger include banners, fliers, ads, or other large marketing-type documents.

Documents that may require a smaller line spacing are journals (that don’t have a whole lot of readers) and some academic texts.