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Typing Club - Free Online Typing Tutorial

The Typing Club is a huge group of interactive lessons and tutorials intended for beginning to intermediate typists.
It is perfect for older children and even adults, as the lessons are presented in a more grown-up format.

Each of the 100 lessons can be accessed at any time. Every lesson is presented as a typing exercise, and contains diagrams for recommended finger placement.
Lessons explaining new concepts come with simple, easy-to-understand instructions so students have some guidance on techniques they aren’t familiar with.

Even for students who have learned the techniques, Typing Club can provide a valuable outlet for practice and sharpening of skills.

Typingclub tutorial
Typing Club: Tutorial Specifications
Topics Covered:Alphabet, Capitalization, Punctuation, Numeracy, Symbols
Statistics Presented:WPM (Words Per Minue), Accuracy, High Scores, Time Practicing
Number of Activities:100
Activity Speed:Slow
Special Education compatibility:High
Accompanying Illustrations:Highlighted Fingers
Game Technology:Javascript
Overal Quality:High