Free Online 50 States Crossword Puzzle

This puzzle contains all fifty states as clues!

You will use each state exactly once, so keep an eye on which ones you’ve already used so you don’t repeat them.

The clues will challenge your geography, reading, and spelling skills. Each one has several fun facts as well – maybe you’ll learn something new about your own state! You’ll be asked about abbreviations, geographical features, and common cultural icons. Be sure to brush up on your cities before attempting this puzzle!

If you get stuck, hit the “Reveal State” button on any clue to get the answer, but don’t do it too often. You’ll want to impress your teacher and friends with your knowledge of the 50 states!

Please Notice:
Write 2-word states in one word.
For example, instead of NEW YORK write NEWYORK. Instead of SOUTH DAKOTA write: SOUTHDAKOTA.