Exercises - The Different Points of View in Writing

The purpose of these exercises is to remind you the meanings of each definition, which in turn will help you understand how to use point of view in your stories.

A. Vocabulary

Directions: Choose which definition fits the term, then write the letter that represents the definition next to the term.

  1. Point of view
  2. First person singular
  3. First person plural
  4. Second person singular
  5. Second person plural
  6. Third person singular
  7. Third person plural
  8. Plural
  9. Singular

  1. “Us” is an example of this.
  2. This means “more than one person or thing”.
  3. “Yourselves” (readers) are an example of this.
  4. “She” is an example of this.
  5. The position from which the story is narrated or observed.
  6. “They” is an example of this.
  7. “I” is an example of this.
  8. Referring to one person or thing.
  9. “You” (the reader) are an example of this.

B. Fill in the Blanks

Directions: In each pair of parenthesis, there is a point of view. Read the point of view chosen for each sentence. Next, pick the correct pronoun that goes with the point of view and fill it in the blanks provided. The first one has been done for you.

Example: 1. (first person singular)
I was having a hard time choosing which ice cream I wanted for my birthday next weekend. So, I asked my best friend to help me pick.

2. (third person plural)
The boys went home together after a long day at school. ________ were hungry and thirsty, so ________ decided to go to the local snack shop. __________ parents gave them money so that ________ could have an afternoon snack, but when the boys approached the snack shop, there was a sign that said “Closed”. What are ______ going to do?

3. (first person plural)
Shelby, Lucy and I wanted to go to the movies Saturday night. ______ had no idea which movie ___ wanted to see, so _____ went on the movie theater’s website to see what was playing. _____ all decided to see “Jack the Giant Slayer”. _____ were all excited until ____ found out none of _____ parents could drive ____ to the theater.

4. (third person singular)
Marcus had a big crush on Vanessa. ___ didn’t know how to tell ____, so _____ wrote a secret admirer note. Marcus knew where Vanessa’s locker was, so ____ stuffed the note into one of the openings above the locker. ____ wanted to reveal to Vanessa that ___ was the one who wrote the note, but ___ didn’t know how.