Alien Angles Game


Aliens have lost their way while traveling the galaxy, and need your help to find their way home.

A message will flash up on screen telling you an alien has been spotted, and how many degrees it was spotted at. You must use a slider to set the angle to what you think matches and then hit the button to launch the rescue module.

It’s trickier than you might think – the angle can be as precise as a single degree of difference, you might be asked to aim for 93 degrees or 121 degrees, say, and you don’t have anything to guide you, you simply have to estimate and then hit the check button. This can make it a real challenge – suitable for third to fifth grade kids. If you’re just a couple of degrees out, you will still rescue the alien, but too far away and it remains lost in space!

There are ten aliens to be found – can you rescue them all?

Game Specifications:
  • Angle Practice:Up to 180 Degrees
  • Action Speed: Slow
  • Special Education Compatibility: High
  • Technology: Flash
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • User Controls: Mouse
  • For Grades: K-3, K-4
  • Approx. Duration: 3 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: High