Fun Online Games with Angles

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Setting the Correct Angle

(Squirt the Dog)

In every trial you will be given a target - one of the objects of the playground (the dog, the castle, the slide etc.).

Set an angle Using the red arrows, and drag it onto the hose.
Then the hose will rotate according to the angle given, and hopefully will squirt the water on the correct target.

Estimating Angles

Alien Angles


In every trial you will be given a number which represents the alien's angle, and your job is to recreate this angle with lines, as accurately as possible.

When you are ready, click the "Check It" button and a missile will shoot along the line you set.

If you were accurate enough, the missile will hit the alien.

Setting the Correct Angle

Kung Fu Angles


You are a Kung Fu warrior and you are standing in the middle of a circle.
Your opponent is standing somewhere on the circle.

Type the correct angle you have to turn in order to face your opponent.

Educational Benefits

These online exercises are designed to help students along in their studies of plane geometry, and specifically - angles.

Kids will learn all about angles through playing games that involve playgrounds, spaceships, and kung fu! These concepts are very interesting to young students and give them the appropriate perspective that will help them put together these geometric concepts.

They will learn about the numerical values of angles and their uses in geometry and mathematics. They’ll have to estimate or measure out the proper numerical value in each problem to point the angle in the direction it needs to go to solve each problem and move on.

These activities enable children to learn about these important mathematical concepts while having fun and playing easy games!

Great for kids in grades 2, 3 and 4.