Long Division Online Practice - 3 Digit Numbers

By: University of Waterloo, Canada

This is a test of your long division skills – with a helping hand available to steer you through.

The puzzle tests numbers up to nine, so this is an interactive exercise aimed at grades 3 and 4. You are presented with all the boxes needed to work out the long division puzzle. Fill in the numbers in the right spaces and then hit the check answer box – it’ll tell you if you’re right or if you’ve strayed along the way.

Most useful is the option to check a box for help. Try to solve the puzzle with help active and it becomes more than just a way to check skills you’ve already learned, but a way to learn as you go, talking you through how to solve the puzzle.

Long division can be tricky – so this is a great way to approach it without any worry!

Game Specifications:
  • Number Range:Up to 1000
  • Action Speed: Slow
  • Special Education Compatibility: High
  • Technology: Javascript
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • User Controls: Mouse & Keyboard
  • For Grades: K-3, K-4
  • Approx. Duration: 12 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: High