Online Math Long Division Activities & Problems for Kids

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Snork's Long Division

An excellent step by step guided long division game:

A long division problem will appear. In every step, Snork will tell you what calculation to make. Type the answer in the empty slot and proceed to the next step.

Keep answering this way and with the help of Snork's hints you will easily solve the division problem.

Long Division With 3 Digit Dividend



Click the "Start" button and a new long division problem will appear.

Solve the problem one digit at a time. The blinking cursor will show you where to type the next digit.

If you need assistance, click the checkbox where it says "Check this box for help".

You can correct yourself and go back by clicking with the mouse on the digit you wish to correct.

When you are finished, click the "Check Answer" button.

Long Division With Help


1. Fill in the shaded blocks. You can move between the blocks with the arrow keys or by clicking the mouse.

2. In every step you can receive immediate feedback for your answers - just hover the mouse over the V symbol at the bottom left and you will see in BLUE your correct answers, and in RED your wrong answers.

3. You can see a full solution to the problem by hovering the mouse over the = symbol.

4. Clicking the asterisk * will bring up a calculator.

5. You can also set the number of digits in the problem by clicking the X in the long division symbol in the bottom right.

6. Click the recycle symbol to reset the problem and get another one.

You can set the number of digits in the dividend and the divisor

Drag and Drop Math


Start by choosing the number of problems, the number of digits to have in the dividend, and number of digits to have in the divisor. Enter your name and click "Play".

A long division problem will appear on the screen. Drag the digits from the left hand side, and place them carefully in the correct locations on the worksheet, to solve the problem. If you made a mistake you can drag a digit outside the worksheet, to get rid of it.

You can use the small calculator for assistance.

When you have the answer, type it into the result box at the top and click the "Check" button.

Educational Benefits

These games focus on long division and can be a wonderful boon for teachers looking for interactive online activities for their students.

Whether the student is an absolute beginner in long division or has been learning it for some time, he will find something of value to his studies here.

Each activity has a multitude of math problems that are presented in a simple, easy-to-read format that kids will find enjoyable and fun and is very conducive to learning the material.

The instructions for each module are presented step-by-step to minimize confusion and contains several examples so students will quickly learn the concepts and begin working on the solving the problems.

Many of the activities offer feedback by advising students if any answers are incorrect, so they can try again. The games on this page are mainly geared towards 4th grade students.