Order Of Operations Practice - Exponents

By: www.thegreatmartinicompany.com

Test your skills with orders of operation in this online worksheet exercise.

Orders of operation tell you in what order to solve your sum: First any sums in brackets, then exponents (such as squares or roots), then multiplication and division and finally addition or subtraction. This activity – suitable for 4th to 6th grade students – offers you a series of questions to test yourself against.

Each puzzle has four possible answers to choose from, and it’s up to you to work out the right answer.

Instructions can be called up to remind yourself of the order if you’re not sure, but you might want a pencil and paper to hand to jot down some parts of the puzzle along the way.

Game Specifications:
  • Operations: Exponents, Parenthesis, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction
  • Action Speed: Slow
  • Special Education Compatibility: High
  • Technology: Javascript
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • User Controls: Mouse
  • For Grades: K-4, K-5
  • Approx. Duration: 4 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: Medium-High