Interactive Order of Operations Fun Online Games

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Math Frog


Try to solve correctly maximum problems in 2 minutes. Pay attention to the correct rules when solving.

You have two minutes to solve as many problems as possible (but you can be assisted by the "Pause" button...)

Games with parentheses & 4 basic math operations:

Order of Operations Online Problems


Type your answer to the problem given inside the empty box, and hit the Enter key.

When you finish all 10 problems, you will get a briefing of your answers, and you will get a chance to correct your mistakes.

Games with exponents, parentheses & 4 basic math operations:

Click the Correct Operation


Solve the math problem each step at a time, by clicking on the correct operation, according to the correct rules.

For example, if you get "2 + 5 X 3" then first click the "X", and on the next row that appears, click the "+" sign.

(Game includes also practice with parentheses and power).

Rags to Riches


In this game you will be given one problem at a time from a set of 15 problems. Click the correct answer from the four suggested answers.

For every correct answer the prize you get will increase. Let's see if you can reach the one million dollars prize!

During the game you can use up to three hints, which eliminates some of the answer choices, making it easier for you to find the correct answer.

Math Expressions with Exponents


A math expression will appear on the screen.

Solve the expression by choosing the correct answer from the four options given on the right.

To see the complete solution to the problem, hover the mouse over the question mark symbol.

To get another problem, click the recycle symbol (next to the question mark).

Create Expressions of 1 to 10


Start by clicking the "Begin the Game!" button. Then you can skip the login if you wish.

You will be given four digits. Your job is to combine these digits with the correct operations, so they will make expressions of the numbers 1 to 10 (every combination will express one number at a time).

For example, if you were given the digits 1,3,5 and 7, you can combine them like this: 1*3+5-7 to express the number 1, and 1+3*5-7 to express the number 9, and so on.

Note that you are also allowed to combine two digits together to create a two-digit number, for example combine 1 and 5 into 15, to create the following expression: 15-3-7 to express the number 5.

Educational Benefits

When students are ready to learn about the order of operations rules as well as other basic algebra concepts, these interactive activities and exercises can serve as a useful rehearsal and practice.

The activities are arranged into three groups: The first one is suitable for grade 4 students who practice only the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. The second group contains also parentheses practice, and the last group includes also exponents practice, which is suitable for students of higher grades.

You can find here also tutorials and examples on how to rearrange and properly solve math equations.

The games are all simple and come in a format that is fun and easy to understand, so children will find them accessible and engaging. There is even a bingo game, with rules that the students will already understand.

Most of these activities are suitable for kids in 4th and 5th grades, but some are also suitable for beginning algebra students in 6th and 7th grades.