Number Cracker


Help Mr Cracker obtain a secret code by guessing what number comes next in a series of numbers.

There are four levels of difficulty to choose from in this interactive challenge – the easy level sees you working out the missing number from a series of single digit numbers, while the highest Super Brain level can include multiplication of negative numbers to work out the missing number! This range of difficulty means this activity is suitable for kids from second through to fourth grade.

If you get an answer wrong, an explanation will pop up telling you how to work out the right answer.

If you get enough answers right, then you crack the code for Mr Cracker and he will reward you with a joke. See if you can help him defeat the evil Professor Soup!

Game Specifications:
  • Number Range:Custom
  • Action Speed: Slow
  • Special Education Compatibility: High
  • Technology: Javascript
  • Difficulty: Custom: Easy or Hard
  • User Controls: Mouse & Keyboard
  • For Grades: K-2, K-3, K-4
  • Approx. Duration: 6 Minutes
  • Overall Quality: Medium