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Choose from 3 difficulty levels

Town Creator - Patterns


Solving patterns can be fun!

You will be creating a beautiful town, by adding trees, houses, cars and world landmarks.

Start by choosing the difficulty level.
"Easy" is suitable for grades 2. "Medium" is better for grades 3 and 4. And the "Hard" patterns are suitable for grades 5 and 6.

Choose from 3 difficulty levels

Number Patterns Sea Life


In this activity, you can create your own beautiful ocean scene by solving number pattern problems.

In every trial, you will be asked "What will be the missing number?"

Click the correct answer from the four choices given.

Up to 3 Digit Numbers
(Hard Patterns)

Crack The Safe Code

The code on the safe is represented by number tiles. Two tiles are missing.

Drag the missing tiles into the gaps of the safe, to complete the number pattern.

When ready, click the "Unlock" button, to see if you've correctly cracked the code.

2 digit numbers

The Missing Number


Four slots appear on the screen, with only three numbers in them.

Find the number that should appear in the empty slot to complete the number pattern, and type it in.

Click the "Check" button see if you were correct and continue to the next trial.

You can choose exactly the type of
sequence to practice.

Complete The Sequence


Many kind of sequences to choose from (count on and back by 2s, 5s, 10s, up to 12, up to 50 and more options).

You click on the correct answer from the numbers appearing below.

You Can Choose Among 4 Difficulty Levels:
Easy, Medium, Hard, Super-Brain

Number Cracker


Start by choosing the level of number patterns to practice.

In every trial 3 numbers will be presented, along with a blank slot.

Type the number to complete the serie, and click the "Guess" button.

In case you were wrong or didn't know the answer, feedback will appear explaining the pattern.

Patterns of Two Digit Numbers

Smiley Number Patterns


Type the missing number to complete the pattern. If you are correct, the smiley will "smile".

To continue hit Enter key.

Shape & Color Pattern Games:


Recognize The Pattern


In every trial a line of shapes will appear on the screen, along with a question such as "Which pattern matches?" or "Which comes next?".

Choose the answer among the options given below, and click the "Submit" button to receive feedback and proceed to the next pattern problem.


Pattern Match & Extend


This is a simple and basic shape pattern extending game.

A sequence of shapes will appear on the top. Try to figure out the logic of the way they are ordered, and click the shape that extends that sequence best.

Suitable for preschoolers and 1st graders.

Educational Benefits

These games will help students identify patterns and sequences in groups of numbers or shapes.

There are many different activities here that children can choose from to help them with their learning. In many of the games, the kids will get a line of numbers in ascending or descending order and will have to provide the next number in the sequence to proceed.

The math pattern exercises help students practice their addition and subtraction skills, as they will need to use them to find the following number.

At the bottom you will also find shape pattern games.

There are enough games here to keep young learners entertained and learning for quite some time.

These online activities are in various difficulty, some of them suitable for kindergarten (preschool) and first grade, and some for 2nd grade, 3rd and 4th grade.