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Fun Interactive Decimal Math Activities

These games focus on the concept of the decimal and offer a vast array of different exercises for several specialized subjects, all presented in a fun and meaningful online learning environment.

They combine lessons from basic arithmetic skills, such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying decimals. Children can also learn about place value and rounding of decimals, and comparing and ordering different numbers as well.

They can also work on converting fractions to decimals and vice versa.

Most of the games focus on one specific subject, so students and teachers can choose games that meet the individual learning needs of each child.

The games here are great for 5th grade students and provide just the right level of challenge for students of that age group - fostering learning by challenging their skills, but not frustrating them by asking them to solve equations beyond their ability.
Place Value Decimal Game With 3 Decimal Places
Decimal Ducks
Decimal Game - Decimal Ducks
A decimal number will appear on the screen.

Click its correct decimal digit according to the sentence at the top, to collect all 10 ducks.
Place Value Decimal Game With 4 Decimal Places
Decimal Ships
Place Value Decimal Game - Decimal Ships
Click on the correct digit of the decimal number, according to the sentence that appears above.

Every correct click will send in a boat or a ship.

Win the game by sending all 20 boats and ships.
Place Value Decimal With up to 5 Decimal Places
Football Math
Football Math Decimal Game
In every trial you will have to throw the ball successfuly into your friend's arms, and then answer a decimal place value question, such as:
"In 3.5746 which digit is in the thousandths place?".

Try to pass successfuly maximum trials in the time given.
Starts with 2 decimal places and increments with every stage

Place Value Pirates
Decimal Game - Place Value Pirates
A sentence will appear on the top of the screen, describing a certain digit, for example "8 in the tenths place".

Find the pirate that stands on a number that has that digit and click him.

The game starts with numbers of 2 decimal places, and advances to more decimal places with every stage.
Place Value & Estimation With up to 3 Decimal Places
Decimal Detective
Place value Decimal Game - Decimal Detective (Estimating Numbers)
In this game you play a detective who is looking for the suspect which is hiding behind a secret decimal number. You look for the number by making guesses between a given range. (for example: The number is between 7 and 8)

After every guess, you will be told if the secret number is higher or lower than your number.

It goes by stages, first you have to find the tenths digit, then the hundredths, and if you choose the hardest level, the thousandths too.
Place Value up to 5 Decimal Places
Click The Decimal Point
Interactice Decimal Game For Kids - Click The Decimal Point
In this game the place value problems are presented in sentences. A row with digits appears above.

Answer by clicking on the correct location to set the decimal point in the row of digits, this way you create the number which consists the right answer.

After every answer you will get feedback whether you were correct or not.
Rounding decimal numbers to the nearest tenths
Rounding Decimal Spaceships
Rounding Decimal Game - Decimal Spaceships
Round to the nearest tenths the decimal number that appears below.

Click the spaceship that has the correct answer, and it will be sent on its way.
Rounding decimals to the nearest hundredths
Rounding Decimal Sharks
Online Rounding Decimal Game - Decimal sharks
Round to the nearest hundredths the decimal number given below.

Find the shark with the correct answer and shoot it.

Try to act quick - don't let the sharks eat the goldfish!
Ordering Decimals From Lowest to Highest
Decimal Gallery
Gallery Decimal Game
Drag the decimals from the bottom of the screen, and place them on the wall in ascending order, from left to right.

It is possible to change the location of the decimals even after they were set on the wall, just drag them to the desired location.

When you are finished, click the "Done" button.
Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Magic Square
Magic Square Decimal Game
In the magic square, one number is missing.

Type the missing number so each row, each column and each diagonal all add up to the same sum.

Hint: use addition to sum rows or columns that the missing number is not a part of them. Then, use subtraction in a row or a column that the missing number is a part of.
Adding Decimals (2 Decimal Places)
Soccer Math
Soccer Math Decimal Game
Every trial starts with a decimal addition problem.

After you choose on the correct answer, you will be given a chance to score a goal:

Click once to set the ball's location, and then another click to set the strength of your kick.
Long Addition & Subtraction with Decimal Numbers
Decimal Mania
Long Addition & Subtraction with Decimals
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Start by clicking the "Start" button, and an addition problem will appear.

Solve the problem one step at a time, by typing the missing numbers in the highlighted boxes. When finished, click the "Check Answer" button, to recieve feedback and get your score.

After solvoing the addition problem, a subtraction problem will appear.
Convert between fractions and decimal numbers
Decimal Tank
Fractions to Decimals Game - Decimal Tank
In this game you will be given a fraction and be asked to write it as a decimal number, or vice versa: you will be given a decimal number, and be asked to write it as a fraction.

After a correct answer, you will be given a chance to shoot with the tank and hit a target.
Many decimal subjects: Addition & subtraction, comparing, rounding, place value

Decimal Jeopardy
Decimal Game For Grade 5 - Decimal Jeopardy
This game can be played alone (one player game) or by competing with a friend.

In every trial you choose a math decimal problem by clicking a number on the grid.
The number represents how many points you will get for answering correctly.
Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers
Rags to Riches
Free interactive addition and subtraction decimal game - rags to riches
In this interactive decimal game you will get an increasing amount of money for every correct decimal problem you solve.

You have a total of three hints you can use when you get stuck with a difficult problem.

Try achieving the one million dollar goal. Just note that if you make a mistake - the game is over, so choose your answers carefully....
Comparing Simple Fractions And Decimals
Death To Decimals
Comparing Fraction and Decimal Game - Death to Decimals
This game is similar to "space invaders" but with fractions and decimals.

In every trial a simple fraction will appear on the lower left corner of the screen.
Decimal aliens will be descending slowly from above.

Find the alien with the decimal equivalent to the fraction given, and get your hero under it using the keyboard arrows. When you are in place, press the spacebar, to shoot a calculator and eliminate that alien.

Don't let the aliens reach the ground.

Pay attention, this is not an easy game, it starts with easy fractions, but as you progress through the levels, you get harder fractions (such as 7/9) and you need to act fast.
Matching Simple Fractions And Decimals
Match Fractions With Decimals
Fractions and Decimals Matching Game
This is similar to a matching memory game.

Click two cards to reveal the fraction or decimal numebr that is hidden underneath it.
If you find a matching pair - they will disappear and a part of the hidden picture will be revealed.

Try to reveal the full hidden picture by finding all the matches.
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
Spy Guys
Multiplying and Dividing Decimal Game - Spy Guys
Help the secret agent gather his materials to build a tree house for his son, and calculate their costs.

In every step you will get a decimal word problem, click the correct answer.

(Note that there is no need to click any of the action buttons on the black strip on the bottom, the game advances on its own)
Multiplying Decimals with one digit numbers
Decimal Multiplication Game - Decimultiplication
University of Waterloo, Canada
In every trial you will get a math problem of a number with one decimal place multiplied with a one digit number (for example: 6.3 x 4).

Answer the problem by typing it in the empty boxes, one digit at a time.

You can get help by checking the "Check this box for help". It will assist you with solving the current step of the problem.
Multiplication, Division, Addition & Subtraction of Decimals

Decimal Santa
Online Decimal Multiplication and Division Game - Decimal Santa
Choose the right answers to the decimal math problems.
The emphasis in these problems are in putting the decimal point in the exact location.

If you make a mistake, an animated santa will appear and give you a hint of how to solve the problem.
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