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Editing Cells in Excel

Learn how to make corrections in your data, and how to easily make copies of it and relocate it around the worksheet. Two options are shown: One is editing using the mouse, and the other is by using the short menus.
Making text corrections
Moving cells using the mouse
Copying cells with the mouse
Moving cells with a menu
Copying cells with a menu

I’ve seen on many occasions students that are fixing a small typing error by deleting the whole cell content, and writing it all back again (hopefully without an error this time). There is no need for that, correcting text within cells is easy, whether by double clicking or correcting in the formula bar, as seen in the videos.

The known “Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste” from the context menu are available too, although when dealing with small ranges, it might be easier to accomplish these actions by manually dragging cells with the mouse.