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Pronouns - Lessons and Interactive Exercises

Pronouns are the handy little words that take the place of nouns, both common and proper, within sentences.

In this section, we will learn how to use them to make our sentences more fluid and easy to read and understand.

Without pronouns, writing and speaking would be much more complicated, wordy, and confusing. Without these handy little helpers, sentences would be a mile long and it would take twice as long to say what needed to be said.

What are pronouns?
What are pronouns - Online Lesson and Exercise This lesson will show you what pronouns are all about. You will learn the most basic rule dealing with them: Making them agree with the nouns they refer to.

Also, you will learn what are "indefinite pronouns", when you refer to nouns that their gender or number are unknown.

Short interactive exercises will follow every subject.
Compound Subjects and Pronouns
Compound Subjects and Pronouns Learn how to use pronouns to distinguish between individuals. Whether talking about first, second, or third person pronouns, using them as part of a compound subject in a sentence follows a certain set of rules and guidelines.

Learn what these guidelines are and the importance they play in sentence structure. Discover how to apply the rules to your sentences to make them as strong as they can be.
Avoiding Pronoun Shifts
Avoiding Pronoun Shifts Pronoun shifts occur when you switch from first to second or third person within the same sentence or within the same paragraph or line of thought.

Find out why such shifts are bad and the confusion they can cause.

Learn tips on how to recognize and correct these errors in your own writing and how to avoid making them again.
Relative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns Learn when to use "who" versus "whom". Learn what the difference is between "that" and "which".

Practice with plenty of examples of correct and incorrect relative forms until you become comfortable with them in your writing.
A Full Printable Test With Answer Key
Printable Test
Printable Pronouns Test Did you understand well the lessons, or do you think you need some more practice?

Go over the following test and see where do you stand. The test covers all pronoun topics we have gone through in the lessons.

PDF Printables
Printable Pronouns Lists
Printable Pronouns Lists - Personal, Indefinite, Relative and more. Here you can find plenty of handy lists for your grammar studying or writing requirements.

Included are: Personal pronouns list, indefinite, relative, gender (male/femlae/both), possessive and interrogative lists.