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Online Grammar Course: Verbs

The verb might be the most important part of the sentence. It is where the "action" happens, it tells us what the subject is actually doing, what is happening with it. In the simplest form, when you say "Danny sat", then Danny, the subject, was performing the action of sitting.

In the lesson, you will see that there are more kinds of verbs, not only the simple action ones, but also compound verbs (where the subject is doing more than one action), linking verbs which describe a state of being rather than performing an active action, and helping verbs which put the verb into a broader tense concept.

An interactive exercise is also available, in which you can practice your knowledge and get immediate feedback.

Verbs Lesson
Online Verb Lesson In this lesson you will learn how to identify four types of verbs, and correctly find them in the sentence.

Every type is presented with four examples and ten exercise sentences to practice.
Verbs Interactive Exercise
Verbs Interactive Exercise In this exercise you are presented with 20 sentences to locate and click the verbs within.

After you click, immediate feedback is given.

Printable Verbs Test
Verbs Test This test is composed of two parts:
In the first you are asked to circle the verbs inside 20 sentences.
The second part is composed of 10 multiple choice questions, dealing with identifying the different types of verbs.