Free Interactive Clock & Time Games for Kids

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An Introduction Activity To Reading Clock

Clock Face

Practice the correct locations of the 12 numbers.

At the beginning, the numbers are presented on the bottom of the screen. Use the mouse to drag them to their correct spots.

When finished, press the green "check" button to get feedback.

15 Minute Intervals
(Arcade Game)

Hero Michael Teaches Time

In this game you get to actually play an action hero which you can move around, and get some learning at the same time.

After you jump and grab the correct key, you can unlock the exit gate to the next level.

Use the keyboard arrows to run right and left and to climb ladders. Hit the spacebar to jump.
Good luck!

Five Minute Intervals

Clock Test

Click the digital representation which is equivalent to the analog one.

There are 15 trials in total, starting with 1 hour intervals, advancing to 30 minute, 15 minute and 5 minutes.

1 Hour Interval Practice

Airport Flip

Flip the cards to find paired matches of analog and digital clocks.

Every correct match will bring the airplane one step closer to taking off.

After completing all cards and the airplane takes off, a new longer set of cards will appear.

Half Hour Interval Practice

Bedtime Bandits

A target time will be displayed at the top of the screen. Use the mouse to click the corresponding clock that displays that target. Your character will then move under it and flash it with its flashlight.

The top row will be slowly descending. Don't let it reach your character!

Half Hour Intervals
(Includes Time In Words Practice)

Cat And Mouse

Click on the cat or the mouse that says the correct time that appears on the clock.

Includes practice of analog, digital and also word formats (eg. half past two, 5 o'clock, etc.)

1 Hour Intervals

Set the Clock

In every trial you will be asked to set the clock to a specific hour.

Click the arrows under it to move its hours handle.

With every success you will get to hear it ring.

You can choose the interval to practice

What Time Is It?

Start by choosing the level to practice - every level represents another interval to practice, starting from 1 hour, up to 5 minutes.

This is simple practice where you have to match between the digital and the analog representations.

You can choose the interval to practice

Set Clock & Show Time

After choosing the interval to practice, the game begins.

In every trial you will be asked to set the clock's hands according to a time given.
This is done by first clicking on the number to set the hour's hand, and then clicking a number to set the minute's hand.

5 Minute Intervals

Bang On Time

The target time will be given in words, and a clock will start ticking.

Click the "Stop The Clock" button exactly when it arrives to the target given.

Score will be given for your accuracy.

1 Minute Intervals

Time In Words & Digits

This activity has nice and smooth graphics, and can serve as a great summary activity for this topic.

Educational Benefits

This large selection of free online exercises will teach kids about time and how to read the numbers on both digital and analog clocks.

They are perfect for younger students (kids in 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade) and they offer exercises in many different and fun ways, such as playing a memory-style game of number matching, or spinning around the hands on an analog clock to match the number on-screen.

Each practice is presented in a way that children will enjoy, with cartoon characters and colorful designs to help kids along in their math studies.