Free Comparing Numbers Games and Activities

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Number Range: 1000 up to 9,999
Using the symbols < > =

Speedboats "Greater Than"

Compare numbers and click the correct symbol

(<, > or =) to boost your speedboat forward and send it ahead of the opponent speedboats all the way to the finish line.

You can choose the number range

Town Creator Comparing Numbers

In this game, you can make a magnificent town by practicing the comparing symbols!

Start by choosing the number range to practice. Then, click the correct symbol in every trial, to add houses, trees, cars and more.

Number Range: You can choose it

Comparing Numbers Sea Life

Join the kids in their submarine adventure!

Choose the number range you wish to practice.

Click the correct comparison symbols to create your own underwater world.

Number Range: 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers

Comparing Numbers Playground

In this beautiful playground scene, you can choose to compare numbers of 2, 3 or 4 digits (up to thousands).

Click the greater number of every pair that appears, and watch the digits drop down and interact with the scene.

Number Range: 100 up to 9,999

UFO's in Space

Four UFO's with numbers will appear on the screen.

Click the UFO with the largest number to send it back to its planet.

Number Range: 3 and 4 digit numbers

Comparing Numbers
Interactive Crossword

In this interactive crossword, after you click an empty square, you will be asked a question such as: "Which of the following numbers is greater, 7710 or 7701?".
Type in the answer and hit "Enter".

You can use the "Reveal Answer" in case you get stuck. When you finish, click the "Check Puzzle" button to have it checked and get feedback.

Number Range: Up to 100
Using the symbols < > =

Select The Correct Sign

Click the correct comparison sign, which represent correctly the size comparison of the numbers given.

You can choose between three levels of numbers: Up to 100, up to 1,000 or up to 10,000.

Number Range: 1 up to 10 (Easy)
Using the symbols < > =

Comparing Numbers Up to 10

Answer 20 comparison problems by clicking the correct comparison symbol (greater than, smaller than or equals).

When finished you will get feedback regarding your mistakes and the percentage of correct answers.

Educational Benefits

In this page you can find games and interactive exercises for comparing numbers with one another.

In many of these activities, students will be asked to determine which numbers in a pair or set of words are greater than, less than, or equal to another number or set.

The exercises are free to use and play indefinitely, and there is a large variety of them on offer so students can spend a significant amount of time practicing the concepts that they learned in class. Some of the games are more complex than others, allowing for children of different ages to make use of them.

These activities are ideal for grades 1, 2 and 3.